Data and voice networksdesign, implementation, security and support

Computer networks specialists since 1993

We are engaged in all aspects of various network communication devices from the lowest to the highest level,
from design to implementation…

We offer services in the following areas:

  • Design and implementation of data and voice networks
  • Data and voice network security and monitoring
  • Cisco equipment installation, configuration and maintenance
  • Advisory services and consulting
  • Customer network management (outsourcing)
  • Training theory and practice of network communication
  • Application software development
  • Management and development of Tetra radio trunk communication sys­tem
  • Optical cable connections and system design and implementation
  • Virtualization technology based on VMWare products
  • Data center technology
  • Wireless network technology
  • Server solutions based on HP and Sun (Oracle) products
  • Installation and configuration of Microsoft and Unix-like systems

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telefon: +420 482 428 111
fax: +420 482 428 199
GSM: +420 602 655 175

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